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Highly Innovative Drilling Company Based in Western Australia

Since its inception in 1993 Bostech has been established as a leading force in mining techniques and practices.

Bostech is an Australian company specialising in grade control and exploration geochemical drilling using RAB/Air Core Drilling, small diameter and large diameter Reverse Circulation (RC) techniques. We also specalise in Diamond drilling, ranging from deep directional to large geotechnical disciplines.

Bostech design, build and operate our own drilling rigs and most of our down-hole equipment which, with extensive testing and field experience, has proven to be equal, if not superior to, anything else available. This enables us to quote competitively and with full confidence that we can produce high quality sampling without any loss in production and at no compromise to safety.

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RAB, Air Core & RC Drilling Contractors

Air Core (AC)

Air core drilling and related methods use hardened steel or tungsten blades to bore a hole into unconsolidated ground. The drill bit has three blades arranged around the bit head, which cut the unconsolidated ground. The rods are hollow and contain an inner tube which sits inside the…

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Reverse Circulation (RC)

Bostech Australia have an Reverse circulation division with the first rig now complete and ready for the field it has a depth capability of 300 meters with a 127mm bit and 41/2” rods. The machine is backed up with an on-board booster for increased performance for those grade control programs…

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Slimline Reverse Circulation

Bostech can offer a RC face-sampling hammer with the ability to sample basement during a RAB/Air Core program (prior to any further deep, large diameter RC program) without the need to change equipment, mobilise extra crews , provide improved surface access all with the economies of scale…

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Rotary Air Blast (RAB)

This is an older exploration method no longer commonly used. Sample quality is less accurate than Air Core due to the use of a single tube. This means that samples have the risk of contamination through contact with the geology of the drill hole. This is because the sample recovery is…

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Latest News

November 19, 2016

The first of the two reverse circulation rigs (RC02) we recently aquired was given a thorough review and run up

May 13, 2016

We recently took the opportunity to strip down and refurbish the mast on Air Core Rig 4
The mast was:
Completely stripped;
Measured and tested;