About Bostech

Bostech Drilling is an Australian company specialising in grade control and exploration geochemical drilling using RAB/Air Core and Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling techniques. Bostech design, build and operate our own drilling rigs as well as designing our own down-hole equipment which, with extensive testing and field experience, has proven to be equal, if not superior to, anything else available. This enables us to quote competitively and with full confidence that we can produce high quality sampling without any loss in production.

Since its inception in 1993 Bostech has been established as a leading force in drilling techniques and practices. Bostech engineering and innovation pioneered the Air Core Kick-bit now used almost exclusively on all Air Core drilling rigs in Western Australia. This ground-breaking technology, combined with the unique design of Air Core rods and couplings, has lead to great improvements in sample quality and overall efficacy.

Today Bostech Drilling is still the frontrunner in the development and practice of Air Core drilling, with a fleet of rigs that are some of the most powerful and compact in their class. Our rigs are capable of drilling a whole range of unconsolidated, sandy and heavy clay horizons that have proven difficult for other drilling techniques. Our support equipment includes all wheel drive trucks, self-contained camps and satellite phones enabling us to drill anywhere from large established mine sites to the remote areas of Australia and Africa.

While Bostech Drilling Australia operates primarily throughout Western Australia, we have also worked in the Northern Territory, South Australia and in Thailand with RAB and Air Core rigs designed and manufactured by Bostech Engineering, our manufacturing division. Our clients include many of the world’s most successful mining companies, who have consistently expressed satisfaction with the safety, reliability, quality and productivity of our drilling services. This blend of the best people and equipment provides safe production and the best quality sample available to the industry today.

At Bostech we understand the concerns major mining companies have with operating safe and efficient mining/exploration ventures. A combination of the best people and the most advanced equipment ensures we provide safe production and the best quality sample available to the industry today.