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K.A.O.F.O Award

The 2015 KAOFO Bostech Drilling management decided that due to the exceptional efforts by both personal they have been awarded a first place award each. The 1st place price of all expenses paid holiday to Bali for 2 to the value of $3500.  The points earned buy Benjamin Nelson set him in front of the rest and the recognition

1st Training in 2016

Bostech Drilling Australia recently undertook our start up day in January. This had all our field crews come into the office for two days to complete some training. Some of this training consisted of VOC on all vehicles, remote first aid, fire fighting and extinguisher training. The day was setup by BDA management and conducted with

Drilling in the desert

At Lake McKay, Northern Territory, drilling in the desert can be beautiful one minute and hectic bush fires the next. Lucky our crews are trained to deal with these types situations.              


Bostech understands the strict requirements that major mining companies have with operating safe and efficient mining and exploration ventures, allowing us to team together to produce industry best outcomes. Bostech Drilling Australia offers no compromise to safety or quality. Our emphasis is on safe work-practice with experienced and knowledgeable crews providing effective, efficient and quality