At Bostech Drilling Australia we are proud of our ability to provide high quality sample delivered at a reasonable price, with good safety outcomes. This comes from years of industry research and experience that we are able to apply through our own engineering department. We design, build and operate our own drill rigs and most of our down-hole equipment. Through extensive testing and field experience our drilling services have proven to be equal, if not superior to, anything else available. This enables us to quote competitively and with full confidence that we can safely produce the quality of sample required by our clients without any loss in production.

Due to our high level of maintenance Bostech rig availability is up around an incredible 96-98%. Considering the remote area and availability of mechanical help our record is exceptional. Furthermore, our experienced crews are frequently able to drill an average of 600m Air-core and 800m RAB per shift. Our clients continue to express satisfaction in our ability to exceed the performance of other drilling companies.

Performance & Innovation – Drilling Methods

Method Hole Size Depth Rig Air Comments
RAB 98mm – 102mm 120 m 600CFM / 250PSI Will drill weathered horizon, ground conditions allowing, to 120 meters.
Aircore 85mm – 87mm 120 m 600CFM / 250PSI Will drill weathered horizon to 120 meters (including paleo channel)
Aircore (Hammer) 85mm – 87mm 120 m 600CFM / 600PSI
Will drill weathered horizon to 120 meters including paleo channel, but faster in difficult drilling.
Slim Line RC / Light RC 95mm – 97mm
Face Sampling RC Hammers
150 m ≤900CFM / 700PSI (Boosted Aux Comp) Will drill dry holes to 100 meters as fast as 4” RC, and “Wet” holes to approximately 80 meters
Deep hole RC 127mm-143mm 500 m+ 2200CFM / 850PSI Will drill hard formation to 500m+, depending on total CFM used and water table.

Bostech offer a professional service drilling various mineral sands, plastic clays and hard grounds.


Bostech Drilling pioneered the development of the Air Core Kick-bit now used almost exclusively on Air Core drilling rigs in Western Australia. The current bits were originally developed at Mount McClure for Arimco Mining during attempts to drill palaeo channel clays 26 years ago. The drill bits have continued to evolve and, through ongoing development and combined with our unique design of Air Core rods and couplings, have made our method extremely successful. Using our systems in normal drilling conditions through the oxidised horizons in Western Australia we expect to average around 600m per 10-hour shift, drilling holes to 120m in depth. In heavy clay horizons and palaeo channels found throughout the WA goldfields, we would currently expect to exceed 400m per shift.

Note: Bostech has the option of using high pressure Air Core blade but we have only tested the use of boosters with Air Core as un-boosted performance hasn’t required it. However, it remains an option.


The Bostech system is easily adapted to drilling all types of sand both with and without clay binding present (consolidated or running). Using different bit air pressures and other sampling methods we can drill a high rate of daily production with a reduced likelihood of the drill string becoming stuck. Our system will drill unconsolidated sand holes faster and more reliably than other drilling companies that have designed specific “sand drilling systems”.

Our extensive knowledge encompasses many types of mineral sands where our bit design and inner tube assembly have enabled 600m per shift to be achieved in abrasive garnet drilling and with accurate resource delineation. We have more recently drilled for a client on a mineral sands job and averaged 700m in a short day. The client’s ability to process and move the sample was a limiting factor for production and we helped the client manage the sample in the afternoons.


Bostech have always built rigs with heavy masts which, when laid down, distribute the weight legally across the truck axles. When the mast is raised, the centre of gravity of the rig moves to the rear. This allows the maximum weight-force available to be applied to the bit. Combined with our high torque heads and Bostech designed bits, our rigs will punch through ground that lighter, and even RC rigs using blade bits, cannot match. This is due to the high pull-down pressure available as a result of our heavy masts and small hole sizes, which produces high bit pressure. The Air Core blade is much faster and cheaper than percussion or a combination of blade and percussion.


Bostech Aircore rigs are fitted with up to 750cfm of air delivered at 350psi or 430psi and our latest models can achieve up to 725psi when using our 636 Hurricane boosters. The older rigs deliver 600cfm at 250psi that we are able to boost to 550psi. Bostech RAB and Air Core rigs are in the top levels of performance for this type of compact, light air rig. When used in conjunction with our new RC hammers Bostech drill rigs are ideal for cost-effective RC drilling in pits for grade control and sterilisation operations.