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Drilling Methods


This is an older exploration drilling method. Sample quality is less accurate than Air Core due to the usage of a single tube.


In 1987 we purchased our first Air Core system. From the first job we had major problems with drilling clays and found we couldn’t drill more than 200mm without the bit and inner tubes blocking up.

slimline_smallSlimline RC

We have designed and developed a new small diameter RC Hammer to drill into basement formations.

zero-impact_smallZero Impact

Zero Impact Drilling can best be described as the mobilisation to and completion of a drilling program whilst causing no noticeable and lasting side effects or damage to the immediate environment.

RAB 98mm – 102mm 120 m 600CFM / 250PSI Will drill weathered horizon, ground conditions allowing, to 120 meters.
Aircore 85mm – 87mm 120 m 600CFM / 250PSI Will drill weathered horizon to 120 meters (including paleo channel)
Aircore (Hammer) 85mm – 87mm 120 m 600CFM / 600PSI
Will drill weathered horizon to 120 meters including paleo channel, but faster in difficult drilling.
Slim Line RC /
Light RC
95mm – 97mm
Face Sampling RC Hammers
150 m ≤900CFM / 750PSI (Boosted Aux Comp) Will drill dry holes to 100 meters as fast as 4” RC, and “Wet” holes to approximately 80 meters
 Medium RC  127mm -143mm  300 m  1800CFM / 700PSI  Will drill hard formation to 300m, depending on total CFM used and water table.