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Multipurpose Reverse Circulation and Diamond Drilling capabilities


test2TYPE: Hydco 1000H Multipurpose Mounted on Mitsubishi Fuso 8×4 Truck

Year: 2008

Pull back: 41,000 lbs

Pull down: 27,000 lbs

Winches: Main winch 33,000 lbs fitted with over run Protection and Failsafe Brake Safety devices.


HYDCO bos4


   Capacity:    9m Rod Pulls

                       RC to 550 meters

                       PQ to 800 meters

                       HQ to 1,000 meters

                       NQ to 1,800 meters


Wireline Winch with Failsafe Brake

Jib winch with over centre Valves used to reduce manual handling with larger items like hammers etc

FMC Bean pump and an on-board air

Rotation Cage with shutoff proxy switches

KL Rod Handler

Bostech can cover geotechnics triple tube and directional drilling requirements, including Navi cuts, wedging and pressure cementing.


3.Bost_HYDC   HYDC bos0  HYDC bos