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The 2016 KAOFO

The 2016 KAOFO

Bostech Drilling management decided that due to the highest point earners will win great awards.



1st place is an all-expenses paid holiday voucher for 2 to the value of $3500.

Shane Leota

2nd place is a weekend away for 2, your choice of resort to the value of $1500.

Matthew Allport

3rd place is a $500 Bunnings or BCF gift voucher.

Callum Irons

Trainee Driller award

Keith Bakker

Offsider award

Gordon Cairns










Christmas Party 2016

Christmas Party 2016 @Whiteman park



                                                                                                                                                                                Bostech Team

Testing our SCHRAMM 685

The first of the two reverse circulation rigs (RC02) we recently acquired was given a thorough review and run up, followed by a drill and hammer test as a shake down before travelling to its first drilling job for Bostech.
schrammbostech2-1          schrammbostech1-1
It was the ideal opportunity to also get our guys familiar with the rig and equipment, the connections and settings and the overall feel for the rig.

The rig required a few micro adjustments then drilled hard for a couple of days.

The end result was the rig and support equipment was safe, run up and ready to go.


schrammbostech4-1        schrammbostech3-1

Rig 4 Mast Rebuild (March – April 2016)

Rig 4 Mast Rebuild  (March – April 2016)


We recently took the opportunity to strip down and refurbish the mast on Air Core Rig 4.

The mast was:

  • Completely stripped;
  • Measured and tested;
  • Sandblasted and re-painted;
  • Re-built with all new components.


The outcome is a new lease of life for the rig. The drill crew were appreciative of the re-build with the rig already back in service and operating brilliantly.


pic1       pic2      pic3

Mast back in the workshop         Mast with head re-fitted          Mast ready to go back

after being sandblasted                                                              on the rig!!

and painted

1st Training in 2016

Bostech Drilling Australia recently undertook our start up day in January.

This had all our field crews come into the office for two days to complete some training. Some of this training consisted of VOC on all vehicles, remote first aid, fire fighting and extinguisher training.

The day was setup by BDA management and conducted with the assistance of Kevin Broardbent from Safety and emergency training services (SETS). The two days were very successful and our employees stated they got a lot out of it BDA plan to make this regular commitment as we see a great value in having our employees prepped and alert for the year to come.



Drilling in the desert

At Lake McKay, Northern Territory, drilling in the desert can be beautiful one minute and hectic bush fires the next. Lucky our crews are trained to deal with these types situations.


Bost_Story2-2     Bost_Story2

Bost_Story2-6 new


Bost_Story2-4DSC_0508 copyright DSC_0569 copyright




Living Safety, Saves Lives & Money

In 1993 Australia was a very different place to work in, Paul Keating was prime minister, Essendon defeated Carlton to win the 97th VFL/AFL premiership and the precursor to Bostech Drilling Australia, was registered as a new company. With experience stretching 20 years, we have survived three economic downturns, and seen the best and worst that the industry has to offer. Safety has been a consistent factor that must be maintained if a company is to survive.