Bostech Cyclones

A Bostech Cyclone

Bostech has experienced excellent results using high-density polyurethane on the strike areas in our small diameter cyclones. All cyclones have problems with sample build up on the surfaces inside. Large diameter cyclones use polyurethane cones and normally ceramic strike zones. Bostech Engineering was able to reduce the weight of our cyclones, reduce blockages and reduce the time taken to make repairs. By redesigning the cyclones so that all internal wear surfaces are urethane and covered with replaceable wear inserts manufactured in moulds we have produced for this purpose, has lead to significant increases in life span of the equipment.

Bostech has recently developed a full polyurethane cone for sample cyclones that further reduces sample blockages and is easier to clean. The new Bostech designed cyclone has a mounting frame to attach the splitter and sample preparation devices to the bottom of the cone. This mounting frame is lightweight and suitable for attaching various pneumatic vibrators to the cone.