Drill Rig 6

Registration 1BEX 330

Rig 6 is fitted with an air compressor producing 250psi @ 600cfm, with the diesel engine powering both the compressor and hydraulics. All rigs are fitted on late model 4x 4 prime movers.

Note: These above figures are drawn from experience and are less than the theoretical limits.


DRILLBOSS 200 Capacity: BQ RAB 150m +
NQ Air Core 150m +
Boosted Light RC 150m
Re-rated tare to
12,980 kg
13,000 kg
COMPRESSOR: Bostech modified COMP AIR:
Engine power:
600 cfm @ 250 psi
L10 Cummins Engine
HYDRAULICS: Engine Power:
Head Torque @ 150 rpm:
Max pull-down @ 2500 psi:
Max pull-back @ 2500 psi:
Head speed:
L10 Cummins
2226 ft-lb or 3030 Nm
5355 kg
7140 kg
Maximum 1.8 m/s down
Minimum 1.6 m/s up
MAST: Bostech Designed box section lattice construction mast
4” cylinder
Wire ropes 4 x 16mm
Eccentric adjustment for head plate, slide and dump slide
The Rig is fitted with: Water Tank – 600 litres
Fuel Tank – 600 litres
Water and / or foam injection
Hammer oiler
Cyclone and mounting system
Blow down / Blow back
Safety Equipment
Comprehensive First Aid Kit
Two serviced and in-date fire extinguishers
Hand Tools
Safety shut-down buttons on sides and rear of Drill Rig
Two-way communications – 40 Channel UHF Radio