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Drill Rig 9

DRILLBOSS 300 Capacity: BQ RAB 150m +
NQ Air Core 150m +
Boosted Light RC 150m
RIG TRUCK: MAN 330/26 6 X 6
Rated tare
16,200 kg
RIG POWER UNIT: Deutz 1015 V8 DIESEL: 443 HP @1500 RPM
Max pull-down @ 3500 psi:
Max pull-back @ 3500 psi:
730 cfm @ 430 psi
6500 kg
8500 kg
HYDRAULICS: Head Torque @ 150 rpm:
Max pull-down @ 3500psi:
Max pull-back @ 3500psi:
Head speed:
3335 ft.lb (4545Nm)
Maximum 1.8m/s down
Minimum 1.6m/s up
MAST: Bostech Designed box section lattice construction mast
4” cylinder
Wire ropes 4 x 16mm
Eccentric adjustment for head plate, slide and dump slide
The Rig is fitted with: Water Tank – 600 litres
Fuel Tank – 600 litres
Water and / or foam injection
Hammer oiler
Cyclone and mounting system
Blow down / Blow back
Safety Equipment
Comprehensive First Aid Kit
Two serviced and in-date Fire extinguisher
Hand Tools
Safety shut-down buttons on sides and rear of Drill Rig
Two-way communications – 40 Channel UHF Radio
Rig fitted with articulated rod box: Minimise manual labour content of tripping in and out the Drill Rods. By positioning the rods almost parallel to the mast inclination, the degree of lifting and balancing the pipe is greatly lessened. This Rig is designed to optimally manage a large number of 3m Rods with the least amount of risk of injury to personnel.