Bostech Drilling Australia continually innovates using our own Engineering Division to provide safe and reliable equipment.

drilling research and development

Bostech Drilling Australia has a long history of R&D and engineering solutions. Initially this was a pre-requisite for survival in a fledgling Air Core industry. Now it is an essential part of our company philosophy that gives Bostech a leading edge in safety and drilling performance.

Bostech drill rigs are designed and built at our workshops in Bellevue, Western Australia. Whilst producing rigs that are among the most powerful and compact of their class we have also had enormous success with the production of our down hole components and drill bits. In tests conducted against other methods of Air Core systems, the Bostech Air Core has proven to be superior, both in production and the ability to penetrate and sample difficult horizons.

Bostech drill rigs are extremely reliable. There are times however when even the best machine can fail and, to cover this eventuality, Bostech Drilling Australia have in-house Mechanical and Engineering facilities. Through solid standardisation practices of most components we can ensure that all parts can be readily produced at short notice or are held in current stocks; minimising down time to the client.Our designs are based on many years field experience in the RAB/Air Core drilling industry with safety and operator comfort in mind. The cyclone is designed to ensure no risk of injury when setting up or moving off holes. We have also developed a very effective mechanical splitter to significantly reduce possible injury while sampling. Our rigs are mounted on 13 tonne and 18 tonne 4×4 trucks but can be easily adapted to fit on any carrier required. All rigs are configured to minimise any strain on the driller.

Since 1993 we have shown a dedication to improving the way we drill. After revolutionising the Air Core drill bits we moved on to design better threads and sealing systems for the drill rods, maximised airflow and inner tube area for the low-pressure system and a greatly improved system suitable for high-pressure air percussion. As a result of our ability to increase drilling air power we redesigned the tile-boxes and cyclones further improving our drilling performance.

All of our design work is based on years of hands-on industry experience. Our engineering department applies this knowledge to improve every aspect of the drilling system with the assistance of the Solidworks Professional CAD system enabling a greater degree of precision and an overall improvement in our manufacturing efforts. This technology has helped us to design the most powerful yet compact Air Core rigs available today.

Our ability to provide the best drilling service comes from our holistic approach – we drill, we design, we manufacture. Our philosophy is to always look for even the smallest improvements that we can make to the entire system. This level of dedication to what we do in combination with comprehensive industry experience and genuine innovation means the clear choice in drilling should be Bostech.