Health and Safety 

Bostech Drilling is committed to excellence in Health, Safety and Environment management for our people, our service providers and the communities affected by our drilling operations. The principles that underpin our approach to Health, Safety & Environment are:

√   HSE comes first, always

   Incidents and injuries are preventable

Every individual:

– Is accountable for the safety of themselves and others

– Is intolerant of unsafe practices and conditions

– Must identify, assess and manage hazards

We will continually improve the HSE capabilities of our people

Bostech support to safety extends further than most companies, we have an online database that is accessible from even the most remote sites. We run a paperless system that is live any and all incidents, training and maintenance requirements are updated regularly.


Bostech Drilling Values

Safety                                                                            Integrity

Nothing is so important that                                           High standards of ethical behavior,

it can’t be done safely,                                                   “we do what we say”. Take 

everyone is a safety person.                                          responsibility and accountability.


Commitment to People                                                Innovation

We trust and respect people.                                         Measure risk and hazard taking.

We show commitment to their                                       We acceptance of mistakes and 

development and the whole person.                              have opportunity to learn.




                                   We trust open communication.

                                   Ongoing teamwork with Cross

                                   team co-operation.





Innovative HSE

  • Bostech Drilling Australia is a safe, innovative and productive organisation. Our management and staff are able to quickly adapt to new situations and environments with a clear objective to deliver a safe and sustainable result to all stakeholders.
  • Our comprehensive Health and Safety and Environment Management System is a simple and effective way to meet Bostech Drilling and the clients complex business challenges. Our HSE management System allows us to gain visibility, easier access to all documentation/checklist and forms, training and competency, control risk and improve higher performance across our organisation with real time information provide to our clients. The use of our tablets have provided us with a carbon footprint in the reduction of paper-list processes and better communication across Bostech Drilling.