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Kind And Ordinarily Friendly Organisation


This is the K.A.O.F.O. page which will have every employee’s name. This is your chance to have that little extra for family. This award is for field, drillers and offsiders. Over the course of the year, they will accumulate points based on how well they conduct yourself on the job and . The highest point earners will win great awards for you and your family.


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Points Will Be Earned By Outcomes In These Areas:

Areas Where You Gain Points.
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • Client Feedback
  • Drilling Effort
  • Mechanical – Complete of required Inspections & Servicing & Reporting
Areas Where You Lose Points.
  • Failure to Report Incidents /Hazards
  • Equipment Inspections/Audits not completed



The awards consist of a  1st place winners (can be anyone).

2nd place and 3rd place, anyone can earn points, either as an individual or as a group. All awarded points will be authorized before it is allocated.

 1st place is an all expenses paid holiday voucher for 2 to the value of $3500.

2nd place is a weekend away for 2, your choice of resort to the value of $1500.
3rd place is a $500 Bunnings or BCF gift voucher.