This is a project to bring class leading air power to our RAB, Aircore, Rigs to enhance their high pressure R/C capabilities.

This will maintain the current  Rigs, (RAB and Aircore) performance and add a class leading high pressure R/C capabilitie. Bostech Rigs are amongst the fastest and cheapest to operate, and now when required Bostech will be able to add significant air power to its high pressure R/C capabilities.

Bostech is also currently designing improved R/C hammers which will enable Bostech to accomplish R/C drilling with both a energy savings and production advantage.

These improvements are expected to reduce the energy cost (Diesel Used/meter) of R/C drilling and increase the meters drilled in a given time

This new technology is designed to improve on standard hammer performance in both weathered environments and hard basement, and improve the hammers efficiency when powered by standard or /hi-pressure air packs.

One hammer for clay, transported, and hard-rock environments and adjustable to any reasonable air power configuration.


Stage 1 :

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

Compressor Frame Construction.

Bostech has designed a small compact Compressor and booster to increase performance of the Slimline RC whilst maintaining a small foot print for those environmentally sensitive areas.


IMG_8537-768x1024-225x300   IMG_8545-768x1024-225x300


Stage 2 :

Posted on Sep 2, 2015

Assembly Compressor.

Some progress on the new Air compressor for our new aux slimline package.

Engine/Compressor assembly on frame. Installation of control and fuel system.









Stage 3 :

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

Mounting compressor, Booster and Safety ancillaries to 6 x 6 TATRA.

Compressor largely completed, Deck, safety walkways and Railing installed on TATRA 6 x 6. Booster and Compressor mounting, Truck axle weight, balance determined and ancillaries FIT-OUT procedure.


Bostech_Rig 10_9Bostech_Rig 10_7Bostech_Rig 10_8












Stage 4 :

Posted on Sep 30, 2015

Painting Final Assembly

Bostech’s approaching the final stage of our Aux compressor booster package with all safety options considered safety rails, walkways, Tyre loader and safety steps.

We are finalizing some last touches before sending the booster and truck out for paint.









Stage 5 :

Posted on Nov 6, 2015

Final paint completed and back to assembly.

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