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TYPESchramm 685 R/C Drill Rig
POWER PACKMTU Detroit V12-2000 850HP
HYDRAULICSVariable Load Sensing
COMPRESSOR500 psi 1350 cfm Sullair
DEPTH650 m
CAPABILITIESMax Pull Back         39 Tonne

Max Pull Down    17.5 Tonne

Max Working Pressure    4400 PSI

PRIME MOVERMounted on MAN 8×8 Truck


  • Fitted with an automated Rod Handler & Rod Breaker
  • Cyclone & Splitter mounted on side of Rig, can be raised or lowered hydraulically to suit ground conditions
  • Fire suppression fitted, Mounted on an all-wheel drive
  • Rig capable of doing R/C, grade control & water bores
  • Water Suppression for dust control
  • Hand Rails & Guarding for safety