In November 2019 the Rig 5 crew embarked on another journey over East to complete a follow up program for one of our valued clients. The drive started off from our workshop in Perth with a detour  having to go the long way via Kalgoorlie to avoid some bush fires South of Coolgardie, after that the remaining 3 1/2 days of driving (which included a quick photo shoot at the Great Australian Bight) went relatively smoothly.

Once on site it appeared that the drilling was going to be the easy part with multiple set back’s out of the crews control which included rain, flooding and then bush fire warning’s.

The Zero Impact set up went swimmingly and proved that a well planned and organised program with competent experienced crews can work in harmony with local land owners putting to rest any concerns involving environmental impact to working land.

The job was completed without incident, on time and under budget which meant additional targets were able to be drilled out. It is important to add that due to our Zero impact drilling method and execution there was next to no rehab required ensuring the land owners were able to prep & seed their land without any disruption to tight schedules.

It was additionally pleasing to receive some great feedback from our our client reinforcing the excellent job carried out.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that we have had some excellent feedback from landholders about the state in which drill sites were left over this past drill season. It is credit to the guys and their professional conduct in relation to environmental issues and landholder procedures. We know the ‘zero-impact’ drilling required in NSW requires more work on your part and we really appreciate you putting in the effort.

We look forward to heading back for another drill season when the time comes, for now please enjoy a few photos sent in by the drill crew.