Our Commitment to Safety

Bostech Drilling Australia Pty Ltd places safety over and above all other considerations. This is our commitment to the industry and is achieved by maintaining total focus on safe working practices supported by a core of dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable field crews.
All Bostech Drilling Australia staff are fully compliant with Occupational Health & Safety and Security standards set down by the industry and our clients.

Our Safety Management System

We achieved Certification to AS/NZS 4801 : 2001 (Safety Management Systems) in October 2016 in Exploration Drilling.

Bostech management and employees work together to create and maintain a culture of “Zero Harm” by participation in ongoing training, assessment, and hazard identification initiatives. Safety is the number one priority in all our activities. Our recently restructured HR division rigorously screen and recruit only the most suitable candidates. All Bostech staff undergo a structured training and development program to attain full compliance with industry best standards and the specific requirements of our field operations. This includes regular assessments to enable appropriate recognition and career advancement for attainment.

Our Safety Management System has been developed in consultation with industry safety consultants along with input from our major clients. It is reviewed on an annual basis and encompasses an extensive range of Safe Working Procedures along with information on training, maintenance, emergency procedures, hazard risk management and MSDS’s.


Our Equipment

Our rigs and associated support equipment are designed, built and maintained to industry best standards to ensure safe and sustainable field operations. Each item of equipment undergoes a comprehensive compliance audit before leaving the workshop along with regular checks on site. This provides our clients with confidence that safety is at the forefront of our operations along with reliability and minimal downtime. Bostech Drilling Australia has invested a great deal of expenditure into our Engineering Division to ensure that we are able to quickly respond to safety issues that may arise in the course of our contracts. This enables our staff to engineer solutions that provide optimal safety and efficiency in the operation of our equipment.

Our Delivery

Bostech Drilling Australia work in some of the harshest, most remote and challenging environments anywhere in Australia. Our proven ability to maintain the highest standards of safety and performance year after year is testament to our commitment to uphold and improve industry standards in safety and drilling.

We understand the necessity for our clients to work in a win-win partnership with drilling companies who consistently deliver on a safe and efficient mining/exploration venture. We have an ongoing commitment to assist and work cooperatively with our clients to achieve Zero-Harm safety outcomes in everything we do.

Bostech Drilling Australia is a safe, innovative and productive organisation. Our management and staff are able to quickly adapt to new situations and environments with a clear objective to deliver a safe and sustainable result to all stakeholders.