Air Core


The Bostech Air Core System is a leader in its field for innovation and productivity. Its origin began in 1987 when Bostech purchased its first aircore system. Early use demonstrated major problems drilling in clays. It was discovered that no more than 200mm could be drilled without the bit and inner tubes blocking up. Small adjustments to the bit face were made and immediately improvements in penetration were noted. However, the inner tube persisted to block up. The onsite solution was to coat the internal surfaces and reduce the lower internal diameter of the inner tube, resulting in reduced blockages.

Bostech realised from the first aircore rod drilled that;

  1. Clay drilling requires the whole sample to be swaged to fit into the inner tube for recovery to the surface as clay core. Swagging was required for clay, not drilling. Swagging maintains the volume but reduces the diameter whilst increasing the length of sample recovered.
  2. This process is the only efficient method to drill plastic materials.
  3. Modifications were needed to maximise productivity, reliability and overall improvement of sample quality.

Experience lead Bostech to develop a system to mitigate these problems and avoid any unnecessary delays.

Bostech Air Core bits are maximised for versatility, reliability and production. Combined with the Bostech drill rod and inner tube design allows Bostech to drill almost all weathered ground types using one standard bit type.