Zero Impact Drilling

Zero Impact Drilling can best be described as the mobilisation to and completion of a drilling program whilst causing no noticeable and lasting side effects or damage to the immediate environment.

These results can be achieved in the three main areas of drilling.

  1. Clearing of access and drill lines.
  2. The drilling process itself.
  3. Site cleanup at the completion of the hole.


Bostech Drilling Australia achieve these results by taking into consideration the overall size and manoeuvrability of the rig during the design process. Fragile components are located safely within the rig bed or suitably shielded to allow the rig to fit between trees rather than any trees having to be destroyed. Bostech rigs can have large, super single or standard tires fitted, depending on ground conditions, to minimise the rigs actual footprint.

Site preparation is also essential to achieve true Zero Impact Drilling.

Method 1:
A suitable plastic bund must be arranged under the rig production area. It must be positioned to contain all material discharged from the outside return hose along with any spoil and contaminants cleaned from the cyclone walls. It is best to bag these contaminants throughout the drilling process. Sample recovery is also optimal when stored directly into numbered UV sample bags.

Method 2:
Bostech Drilling has developed a Zero Impact sampling trailer, consisting of two mounted cyclones, including the one for outside return within a sealed trailer, collecting all spillage. When full, the trailer is taken away, cleaned and emptied appropriately before being returned to use.

Site Cleanup:
With the co-operation of the client, Bostech Drilling crews are able to assist with the clean up and removal of waste material from the hole location. This removal is completed by bagging any spoil from the cyclone and outside return hose into UV bags, then loading these bags into a bulker bag for removal off site for disposal.